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Personal: $5 / $80USD

A WIP for my first piece of RWBY fanart~

New icon~

New icon~

For shanghai-ohmy! Of his fursona, Alder!
I hope you like it, my first few tries at the lighting got ditched but I really like this one!

Trying to overcome my art block
Inspired by the song “If I Die Young”

A few updates for those interested:

I hit a pretty major art block for personal works but can still do commissions. 
I got my hands on a new computer but it’s really slow, so my updates with art will be slower than desired.

That’s about it, though.

Commission are 10$ a character until the end of summer! (September 1st, 2014)
Payable by the donation button on my profile! Contact me through Ask!

Self portrait 201430 minutes done in MyPaint

Self portrait 2014
30 minutes done in MyPaint

Lines and finished product for shanghai-ohmy ~
Of his fursona, reference from here~
Hope you like it, B~!

Really like these lines for some reason~!A wip of a commission for shanghai-ohmy

Really like these lines for some reason~!
A wip of a commission for shanghai-ohmy


Daisy Team 1!
Daile and Sam (based of wonderful Dajo42~)
commissions like this open for 12$